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    Retest - 640-802


      I failed the CCNA a few weeks ago, and have booked to take take the retest on Monday.

      Does anyone have any last tips to what I should practice? I've been through Todd Lammle's book, completed all the labs (2-3 times). I have also gone through CBT Nuggets and Train Signal's videos.


      I'm all out of ideas to what i could read, lab and practice. I have an small lab with 2x 2621XM, 2x catalyst 3160 switches, and 3 800-series routers.

      I also use GNS3 and PT.


      The topics i got low scores on was NAT and ACL.


      I feel i'm in controle of subnetting enough, but practice it daily.



      Last and not least, thanks for a superb learning network, this have helped me out a lot when I have been stuck on something