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    Questions that needed some clarification

    Vijay Swaminathan

      Hi Experts,


      I was asked an interesting question by my collegue for which I answered him but he wasn't convinced. I wanted to check if my answer was right too...


      I have a PC which is part of Vlan 10. the port on which the pc is configured is configured as follows


      switchport mode access

      switchport access vlan 10.


      That PC now receives a tagged traffic with vlan 10. What does the Switch / Host do with this traffic?


      My answer was: the tag gets removed when it is sent out to the ports in Vlan 10 but he said that he somehow manages to send the tagged traffic . then I said since the tag is Vlan 10 and the switchport also is a part of vlan 10 I said that it would process the traffic.


      but looks like he tried that and he said it would not. can somebody tell me what would happen in this case?


      did i go wrong in my explanation / understanding?