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    Need help building Voice lab


      Hi all, I know this is a constantly asked question but I already have some equipment and wasn't sure exactly what else I need.  I'm trying to save money so I'm hoping all I need are some cards and a few IP Phones.


      What I currently have:

      1. 2611XM - 256MB/48 - Includes CME 4.1
        1. (1) WIC 1T
      2. 2621XM - 128MB - 12.4 IOS
        1. (1) WIC 1T
      3. (1) 3550 - 24 port switch with POE
      4. (3) 3550 - 48 port switches - no POE
      5. Dell PowerEdge 2850 Server - 2 Intel processors at 2.8Ghz, 4Gb RAM. 
        1. Currently is running a trial version of Windows 2008 Server and dual booting into Ubuntu
        2. I am a student at a college and am able to download student versions of some software such as Windows 2008, but I haven't done this yet.  I wanted to wait until I have VMware up and runnning and I also want to backup Ubuntu - I'm a Linux newb and it took me forever to get it set the way I like lol


      I know it doesn't make sense to dual boot the server, but I'm still new to VMware so I'd like to install ESXi and run Windows 2008 and Ubuntu as VMs instead - plus whatever else I need for the Voice lab.  I'm not sure if I need more RAM though.  HD space is 73GB


      I know for the test I'll need at least one 2800 router with CME 8, but for now I just want to learn about voice and go as far as I can with the equipment I have.  I don't plan to take the exam until I can upgrade to a 2811 router anyway.


      Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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          You can do basic stuff on CME 4.x but exam is based on CME 8.

          then you need just regular PC, at least dual-core and  8 GB Ram should be OK for CCNA Voice;

          you just need to run 3 VMs. a CUCM and another one for Voice mail and Windows AD server.


          see my post in https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/thread/36652

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            I have been trying so hard to get an all in one list of everything that I need to get this lab set up ... I dont have much voice experience so alot of this is new to me. From what you have said on other posts I think I have a grip on it, but at the same time I am missing a couple of things and I wanted to verify a topology that would be used.


            1)  2811 with: IOS 15, 256/128, CME8, FXO, PVDM-8, AIM2-CUE (with CUE on flash), FXS.

            2)  3550 switch

            3)  Two 7940 4-button phones

            4)  Analog phone

            5)  PC with IP Phone software (Personal Communicator ?)

            6)  VMWARE / ESXi to run: Windows AD Server, CUCM 8.6, CUC, and CUP


            So the topology would be to connect the switch to the 2811 router and the IP phones and PC to switch. The POTS line comes in to the FXO and the analog phone is connected to the FXS - both on the 2811. All the virtual machines are on the switch as well. Is there not a need for a 2nd switch and or router, or is this enough to cover all the exam topics?