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        For anyone using the migration tool, there seems to be some bugs in it still so be careful.  If unsure, use the table at https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-14595

        I.E. When using the migration tool, it gives credit for ROUTE and  MPLS (my situation) towards the new CCNP Service Provider certification which the table states that no credit is offered for the MPLS exam.

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          Himanshu Bansal

          I am bit confused..


          The table in https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-14595 mentions that if I am already a CCIP then I need to pass the 642-887 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Core Network Services (SPCORE) and 642-889 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Edge Network Services (SPEDGE).


          I am yet to complete QoS so when I used migration tool, and select ROUTE & COMPOSITE (MPLS+BGP) then it tells me to attempt just 642-889 Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Edge Network Services (SPEDGE). Does it mean that I don't neither need QoS nor SPCORE to migrate from CCIP (though not given all the papers) to CCNP-SP?

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            You're right, the information is inconsistent. They'll probably straighten it out fairly soon.

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              I was really dissapointed to hear that the CCIP exam is being retired. And so soon - end of July for BGP and MPLS seems way too soon!!!


              I got my CCNA last June and im current doing my reading towards CCNP SWITCH/SWITCH/TSHOOT - my plan was to complete the CCNP R&S before the end of 2012, then do the MPLS/BGP/QOS in the first part of 2013. These plans are a bit up in the air now. 


              Could I go ahead and put my CCNP study on hold and skip ahead to complete the MPLS and BGP exams before the end of July(chicken before the egg I know) then continue on and complete the ROUTE and QOS before the end of October to grab a CCIP just before it's retired? Is it possible to complete all these exams in that short a period of time? I'd rather avoid doing the composite BGP+MPLS exam if possible.


              I'm not even 100% if I could pull it off but just wanted to see if its actually possible first before I give it much more consideration. I really liked the idea of the CCNP followed by CCIP then CCDP before having a go at the CCIE written, it all seemed like a good way to build up a broad foundation ahead of going for the CCIE. I have yet to look at the material in great detail for the CCNP SP but what advantage would I have waiting and going through the whole CCNP SP from scratch? I hear its really different - has anyone had time to go through it in much detail and check out the differences? If the value add was there id be happy to wait and just tackle the CCNP SP track next year.


              All input appreciated


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                Bradford Chatterjee (CCIEx2/CCDE)

                I think you should continue on your original path and get CCNP SP next year if you are still interested in it. It's probably possible to complete the BGP and MPLS exams from scratch between now and the end of July, but I don't think that it's advisable. The foundation in L2 and L3 technologies provided by SWITCH and ROUTE will be vital to your understanding of BGP and MPLS. Frankly, understanding BGP and MPLS at an advanced level is useful, but the BGP and MPLS that's covered by the CCIE R&S is not very complex compared to the CCNP or CCIE SP level. You could learn it fairly easily without going whole hog on the CCNP SP tests.


                Personally, I think the CCNP SP now covers topics that are more relevant to service providers than even the CCIP was. The CCIP was a bit behind the times. The new ones cover IOS-XR, metro ethernet and more layer 2 VPN technologies that are increasingly popular service offerings. There's also a lot more RSVP-TE. There's a better focus on knowing how technologies affect both IPv4 and IPv6. There's multicast and Integrated IS-IS - both of which were regretably missing from CCIP after BSCI turned into ROUTE.

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                  Bradford, thank you kindly for your advice and apologies for the delayed response (I booked my ROUTE exam so all my time has been spent on GNS3). I have indeed taken your advice, im going to aim to complete my CCNP R&S as soon as possible (first attempt at the ROUTE is June 6th) - with some luck I will get through the ROUTE and then once the summer is over I can focus on the SWITCH and TSHOOT.


                  I don't have a clear idea yet of what I would like to do after that, I think I want to build my base before I start to work towards the CCIE. I'm interested in the QoS exam but is it worth doing on it's own? I would also like to build up my multicast skills, is there an exam with focus purely on MCAST does anyone know?


                  The most likely next step for me after CCNP R&S (once/if achieved) is to either start working on either the DESIGN, SP or SECURITY tracks. Does anyone know are GNS3 planning on supporting IOS-XR? Or is there options available to rent racktime at a reasonable price?

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