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        Pete Nugent

        Congrats Nigel, did you take the v1 of the exam?

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          Hello CCNP Wireless group!  Looks like we have 4 participants thus far.  Pete, myself, Travis and Chris.  Hopefully, Andrew and Nigel will grace us with there experiences as new CCNP Wireless certification holders.  Any others who have a desire to join in are welcome to do so at any time.


          The CCNP Wireless certification consists of 4 exams:

          CUWSS (site survey)

          IUWVN (voice over wireless)

          IUWMS (mobility)

          IAUWS (security)


          Keep in mind that the CCNA Wireless is a prerequisite for CCNP Wireless. 


          Let's do a role call and get a feel for where everyone is at.  I have passed CUWSS and IAUWS.  I took these first because that is where my experience is at.  The other tests will be more unfamiliar territory for me.  I have the v1 IUWMS guide and have pre-ordered the IUWVN guide.  Hopefully, it does get released in May, early May so I can start reading. 


          Anyone else care to chime in?

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            Yes, I took v1 - it was what I had been studying for and wasn't sure how different v2 would be.


            Must admit I'd rather have done v2 to learn all of the new stuff, but it may have extended studying yet again.



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              Fromwhat I have heard, v2 is going to focus on 7.0 code, which is good.  Yes,I know that 7.1 and 7.2 are out, but that only runs on the newer controllers.  Luckily, I just got a wism2 so I am set.  Also, the v2 is going to take a different approach or approach he same concepts from a different perspective.  Not sure what that means, but anxious to find out.  Looking forward to studying on things that are a little more up to date.  Looking back at old config guides was a challenge for me. 


              Also, multicasting was a topic in the old CCNP, one that I was very interested in and even implemented to a certain degree.  I am looking forward to seeing that in the IUWVN exam.  Studying for CCNP Wireless has been beneficial not just for gaining the certification, but getting ideas of how to do you job better.  That is where the real value is.

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                Pete Nugent

                I also have the v1 CUWSS and IAUWS, I decide towait for v2 of the IUWMS and IUWVN partly due to time and partly due to potential differences from v1 and v2.


                Fundamentaly I believe for me it was not worth learning the  IUWVNv1 as the changes were in many ways significant and I felt learning a topic that I felt was difficult, for me anyway, I would get confused with the old and new methods and best practices. Equally there was no QR guide for the IUWVN so I decided to wait to get some steer on what exactly would be required.


                Then I have to complete the IUWMS but that QR guide is not available until July so not sure what I will do. Maybe wait or push on.

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                  Sounds like you and I are in very similar circumstances.  My original plan was to knock out IUWMS, but other commitments on my time aren't going to allow that.  I decided to persue the IUWVN next simply because that quick ref guide should be released in the next few weeks.  For me, everything is really waiting on when those guides come out.  They are all written by Jerome Henry, so the quality should be good.  The main question is when in May will CUWSS and IUWVN be released?

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                    Hello CCNP Wireless study group!


                    It looks like CUWSS and IUWVN quick ref guides are on track on being released in May.  Thank you to CLN community manager Ann Marcus for bringing us up to date on this.


                    Since study materials will be available soon and some of us have even pre-ordered, I would like to establish a few loose protocols for the group just to help keep things organized.

                    Because there are 4 different tests, as we make posts, it may get a little confusing as to which test is being referenced in a post if it is not explicitly stated.  Therefore, I propose that when we are posting we place the test name in the title of our post so we can immediately see which test the post is going to be about.


                    For example, if I was studying for CUWSS and I wanted to make a post regarding Cisco Spectrum Expert, I would title my post, CUWSS: Cisco Spectrum Expert.  This way the group knows that what test is specifically being referenced.


                    Any thoughts on this?

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                      v2 is based on 7.0 code.

                      I went on the CUWSS v2 training course 2 weeks ago, and have the training material (Student/Lab Guides).

                      I'm not sure what I can disclose as far as the content on the training course, but I will be ordering the QR guide as well.


                      I will be focussed on studying for the the CUWSS v2 exam.

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                        That will be awesome.  I am epecially interested in comparing my experience of the v1 CUWSS with your reports of the CUWSS to compare the differences.

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                          Pete Nugent

                          Personally I think we could kick this off now.


                          Certainly for the IUWVN, if not I will statrt reading, again, the VoWLAN design guide. The areas I really need to get my head around are the R&S side of multicasting.


                          Just throwing this out there as well. What lab access do the people of the group have and what experience. OK I know Nigel, or I know of him and he already has the CCNP so will be a valuable addition and I believe he has lab access. I know Jared who works with this every day.


                          My personal experience, currently working at Cisco with a personal lab and some Cisco equipment available, ten years wireless experience, loads on surveying and security. Less experience with the MSE and Voice. I think I should be ok with the mobility exam but have quite a bit to study for the voice.


                          What does everyone else feel.

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                            With Cisco Press not supporting this certification, I am going to just read this group for my own edification at this point. Right now my current focus is BYOD / ISE, so while wireless does come into play, I cannot take on another cert path while still trying to knock out my CCIE.  I should have made my intentions clearer from the get-go. 

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                              I wouldn't say that Cisco Press is not supporting this cert if they have the quick ref guides, I would just say that they are not supporting it as well as others, like R&S or Design.  There are other certifications that have even less support, like the SP and SP Ops tracks.  I've got enough experience where if they have decent quick ref guides to help me with the "cisco answews", I can pick up the technlogy portion.


                              Nothing wrong with just studying for the job and not a certification.  I've done that with Voice and Design.  If you are doing BYOD and ISE, I think you and I are going to have some really good discussions.  I am working on the same thing!

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                                Actually, I have no issue with that for those who want to start IUWVN.  I was going to use the quick ref guide not being released as an excuse to take a break, but I'll gladly except the encouragement.  I have done a little bit with multicasting on the R&S side so I am actually looking forward to that.


                                Travs will also be an excellent resource in that area since he is here along with us.

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                                  Yup - that is my focus at my new gig. I am actually going to the ISE class for ATP in two weeks. Last week I was out at Zenprise's HQ in SF taking their partner course, very cool product.  With all of that said I think I am going to have to a balancing act between security and mobility for a while.

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                                    chris reynolds

                                    Yeah I think that our CCIE Security just got done taking all of the stuff for ISE. We needed to get it in place for a customer that is going to be having it installed. It does indeed seem like it will be a really nice product for sure, just from what I know of it, and it is not near as much as he does obviously.