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      Hey everyone.



      I have a quick question on vlans. If implementing vlans using router-on-a-stick configuration, i understand that you create sub-interfaces on the router and set the encapsulation dot1q. I have configured it correctly, and everything is working.



      On all of the switches(2950s), vlan 1 is configured with an IP address on each. (S1 vlan1, S2 vlan1, S3 vlan 1 I have also created Vlan 100 and vlan 200



      My question is, am I correct in saying that it is only when using layer 3 switches that you assign IP addresses to the additional VLANS?



      For instance, on my main 2950 switch, thats has vtp mode of server, I can assign an ip address to vlan 1, then i can create vlan 100, and my switch will allow to assign an ip address to that vlan(100), but why would that ever be needed?



      Sorry if this is confusing.