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    Nortel ip phone i2004 registration issues with CME

    christopher mann

      Has anybody managed to get a Nortel i2004 registered successfully with CME?

      I have gone throuhg the labourious process of entering the Default Gateway, S1 & S2 details along with the vlan and port numbers on the phone, but i still can not get it to register.

      I am able to ping the ip address of the phone, which leads me to believe this is possibly a setup issue with the phone or cme?

      I will be looking at the settings within CME for SIP support, (this phone supports MGCP and SIP i believe) but if any body else could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

      Adding a Cisco phone poses no issue, but i would like to understand how to connect a third party phone, as in a real life scenario.

      Thanks all in advance