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    Certification path clarification


      Hi everyone,


      I know this have been asked a thousand times but I will ask it again because I'm still not sure:


      Having no certification at all, what is the shortest path to have the CCNP Voice certification? And by shortest I mean the less exams I need to take.

      In my understanding it is :


      CCNA (R&S)

      CVOICE (from CCNP Voice)

      CIPT1 (from CCNP Voice)

      CIPT2 (from CCNP Voice)

      TVOICE (from CCNP Voice)

      CAPPS (from CCNP Voice)


      1) is this correct?

      2) Can CCNA Voice replace CCNA R&S ?

      3) I read in an other discussion group that passing CVOICE is equivalent to passing CCNA Voice (ICOMM) ? Do you own the CCNA Voice Certification after passing CVOICE?


      I already passed CIPT1 and CIPT2. I know it may sound stupid to begin with these exams but I attended the CIPT bootcamp course so I had to begin with those two...


      Thank you for your answers and excuse me if this has been asked several times .





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          1) No that is not correct.

          2) No

          3)No that is not correct. part 2 of question...no


          Here is the absolute shortest way to CCNP Voice


          CCNA R&S

          CCNA Voice

          CVOICE - Note this is NOT the same as CCNA - Voice and cannot be substituted.

          CIPT 1

          CIPT 2




          Good luck.



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            Forgot to ask, when did you pass the 2 exams? They are only valid for 3 years so you must finish everything before they expire.



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              The reason I ask is because in the Cisco Certification Tracking System/Certification progress, you have 5 items to accomplish for CCNPVoice.


              And the first one (A.) mentions

              : Complete 1

              ----Complete All (CCNA + CVOICE)


              ----Complete CCNA Voice


              But I now see that it is not referecing to the current CVOICE ...


              Anyway, thank you for your answer.

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                It is true you need 5 items to complete CCNP-Voice. However you need to nave CCNA-R&S and CCNA-Voice to actually be recognized as CCNP-Voice certified.


                CCNA - R&S is a prerequisite for CCNA-Voice

                and CCNA-Voice is a prerequisite for CCNP-Voice


                Hope that helps

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                  Rigo - Community Moderator

                  Hi James,


                  When did you pass your CIPT1 and CIPT2 exams?


                  To achieve the CCNP Voice certification, you are required to have a valid CCNA Voice certification (pre-requisite) and pass the required exams.


                  If your CIPT1 and CIPT2 exams are still valid, then you will have to complete the remaining 3 exams below (before the expiration date of your CIPT1 and CIPT2 exams):


                  642-437 CVOICE v8.0

                  642-427 TVOICE v8.0

                  642-467 CAPPS v8.0


                  Similarly, to achieve the CCNA Voice certification, you will need to have a valid CCNA certification (pre-requisite) and pass the 640-461 ICOMM exam.


                  Note: Having any valid CCIE certification will waive a candidate's pre-requisites for an associate or professional or specialist certification (except Sales). So a valid CCIE certification can act like a pre-requisite.


                  The 642-437 CVOICE exam is not applicable towards the CCNA Voice certification. Prior to the Mar 1, 2011, candidates were able to achieve the CCNA Voice certification by having a valid CCNA certification (pre-requisite) and passing the 642-436 CVOICE exam OR the 640-460 IIUC exam. Both the 642-436 CVOICE and 640-460 IIUC exams were retired on Feb 28, 2011 and are no longer available for testing. The 640-461 ICOMM exam replaced the 640-460 IIUC and 642-436 CVOICE exam for individuals working toward achieving the CCNA Voice certification. For more information about the CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice changes, visit https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-9016


                  For specific pre-requisite and exam requirements, visit the CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice pages.




                  Cisco Learning Network Moderator