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    TSHOOT Study Question


      Hey all, I'm slowly studying for my TSHOOT exam after passing SWITCH last month but I'm running out of steam.  I'm looking to see what others have used / are using as study techniques for the exam.  Also, if you've taken the exam, how long did you take between your second exam (presuming TSHOOT is your third) and this one.


      Thanks all, just trying to get a guage.

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          Found this link that might help others in the same boat: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/thread/32971#178307

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            I took 2 weeks to do TSHOOT. I work with the technologies everyday, so I didn't do much prep work for the exam. I just studied the topology and practiced answering tickets in the GUI. I think I missed 1 question, but I scored really high for only taking 2 weeks.


            I think you need to understand how to read through a problem, and decide where to begin. Deciding where to begin is probably the most important skill on this exam, along with knowing the technology. Knowing where to begin is also important in real life. You have to have a feel for what the problem is based on the symptons, you really have to use those problem solving/detective skills.


            That being said, the interface is not condusive to having many windows open at a time, and at some points during the exam, I realized I had the wrong router or switch up. Practicing with the interface is good. I think Boson has an almost identical interface, which may be helpful.


            Good Luck on the exam.