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    cipc & dhcp address allocation with CME

    christopher mann

      I am currently studying for the CCNA voice accreditation and have a cme voice lab set up. I have CIPC on my laptop, i have cme installed on a 2801 router and have a 2600 router set up as a dhcp i also have a 2950 swith linking them all togeter with 2 vlans, one for the voice traffic and one for the data traffic.

      The 2600 has 2 dhcp pools, one for the voice vlan & 1 for the data vlan.

      The 2801 has been set up as a router on a stick so that it can route for both vlans.

      The voice vlans sub interface on the 2801 has a helper address of the the 2600's interface.

      My question is, should the CIPC be allocated one of the data ip address from the data pool on the dhcp server as it is on my laptop (data) or should it get its address from the voice pool?

      currently is registers on CME with an address from the data pool, and when i check via the cli on the 2801 it shows the CIPC as registered with a data ip address.

      Kind regards,

      and i hope someone can assist