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    How to upgrade anyconnect vpn client?


      Hey, There


      I thought ASA will automatically push the newer version of Anyconnect VPN client to end-user computer when they connect. But I tried 2 scenarios below and none of them worked. Please let me know where I did wrong:

      1. I replaced anyconnect client v2.5 with v3 in ASA. Then launch the anyconnect v2.5 from end-user laptop. After type in the username and password, it prompted me connection failed...


      2. I uploaded/associated V3 besides v2.5 on ASA but keep V2.5 preferred (If I put v3 preferred, connection will fail again). Launch anyconnect v2.5, End-user connects with no issue but I do not see the upgrade happening.


      BTW, I do not have any AnyConnect Client Profile on ASA. But do I need one in order for the automatic upgrade working? If so, where do I download the utility to create/modify profile?