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    PIX 515E URL Filter server


      Dear All,

      Let this sit for a week in the CCIE security discussion without an answer, so I thought I tried it here.


      I seem to have an issue that not many have tried, or needed to anymore.


      I have a PIX 515E. I am going to update to 7.3 and use ASDM.


      The issue that I have is that I wish to use it as a firewall and URL filter for the family on my home LAN.

      I know that the unit is preset to use a Websense or N2H2 server, but I can't get either of those anymore.

      I have looked at various other products, but do not know if they work with the PIX 515E.
      I know that I can try to enter the website by hand in the ACL, but that is a lot of work.  All of my kids need

      to be able to get to their school sites, but filter what I want. I also need to set my machines and my wife's to be



      I know that I could use several other products on the market, and already use some filtering software on their PC.

      I was just hoping to use the PIX and a URL server that I could manage and log internet traffic.


      Anyone have any ideas?