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    Recommended images for GNS3 for CCNP Exam




      I am starting to study the ROUTE OCG's and FLG's. I have the material/books except real gears.
      I decided to use GNS3 for my lab activities (as what most recommends and also I cannot afford to buy real gears)

      I am totally new on using GNS3 and no experience on it even during my CCNA preparations.
      I just use Packet Tracer for all my lab activities but I know its a different story here in CCNP that's why I'm asking your opinions.


      What IOS image would be perfect for CCNP courses? (ROUTE, SWITCH, TSHOOT)

      Do you know where I can go for tutorials in using GNS3? (its my first time, no experience at all)


      Thanks in advance for your answers. I will appreciate any comments.