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    CUCM Install


      Hi All,


      I'm wondering if I have the right discs. I see only an upgrade disc and recovery disc. I bought this on ebay. The seller said that install was supposed to support a "demo mode".


      I get something like an "iso not found" message from vmware when I try to install.




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          there is bootable disk or bootable iso image;


          is Vmware set to load from DVD -Rom or ISO? ;

          you have disks (not iso images) right? so vmware  should be set to load from real dvd0rom.

          otherwise, load from iso.

          i think if dvd disks are not bootable, you should get OS not found error ;

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            Thanks Martin... Yes, I'm using discs. I tried just now to create a new VM using the recovery  DVD-ROM. I get an error message "no valid image found on the hard drive". This message appears after some CIsco install process run.


            So I assum this means that I need to boot an OS first. I can creat a VM using an ISO. But how do I get the Cisco install to start if I do this? Is there an executable that I need to run?





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              Well... it looks like these disks will not do me any good. From what I've read online, neither the upgrade nor the recovery disk can be used for a first install. Lets see what the ebay seller has to say about this.