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    CCNP Journey!


      Today, I will ofiicially start my CCNP Journey!

      As a newbie here,  I would like to ask your opinions/advices about CCNP.

      I'm wondering what is in the CCNP track coz as what they say CCNP is far more different from CCNA.
      I will appreciate and welcome any inputs.


      1) What material(s) / book(s) will you recommend for me to pass CCNP?

      2) What should I take first? ROUTE? SWITCH? or TSHOOT?

      3) How much time do I need before I can take the exam?


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          Welcome Karl,


          "I'm wondering what is in the CCNP track coz as what they say CCNP is far more different from CCNA."

          In fact, you can consider CCNP more as an extension of the CCNA, it goes in depth in routing protocols and switching, design concepts, management and documentation. One thing i tell you, if you really studied CCNA concepts really good, you will find that CCNP is not that hard, its all about practice and understanding.


          1) Check the cisco press books, i also recomend checking out INE and StormWind for more study materials.

          2) Depends on your financial capacities, i am taking the ROUTE exam first, not only because i cannot afford a switching Lab, but also it makes more sence to me.

          3)Depends on your level of understanding of the topics related to CCNP exams, again, if you studied all CCNA topics well enough you could roughly make an exam every 3 or 4 months, taking in count that you read the books, take your doubts and practice a lot!


          I believe everyone here will help you with any question or doubt you might have regarding the exam topics, please take in mind for everyone to help you the best and fastest way possible, you should always describe in depth and be very specific on your questions/problems.



          Wish you all the ebst for your studies,



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            Thanks for your reply Nuno.


            on #1: At INE & StormWind, are there free materials there since I'm just self studying?


            on #3: let's say after I took ROUTE, I can prepare for another 3/4 months before I can take SWITCH and same for TSHOOT? Is that how CCNP goes?



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              1) i dont think so, but you have the pdf's versions of cisco press which are much cheaper.


              3)No Karl, i said it depends on a combination of facts: your experience, your understanding and knowledge of the previous taken CCNA (if you didnt study your ccna right you will not be able to pass the exams every 3 months), your commitement and time available for studying, all these will translate in a better successful way to pass the exams. Mind that by passing faster does not mean better!!! So my advice, do not rush! You dont want to rush or you will set for failure, take your own time and only go for an exam when you are confortable with the topics! Taken the time to analyze the exams blueprint first.


              Here, the exam topics:


              ROUTE: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-6565


              SWITCH: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-6566


              TSHOOT: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-6567

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                sean evershed


                1. Cisco Press have a ebook deal of the day. Today for example you can buy the TShoot exam book for $9.99


                If you want free materials then you can learn many things from this forum that will help you with the exams.


                2. When I was doing the CCNP I took the Route exam first.  At the time it was the exam that was going to help me the most in my job as a network engineer. I would suggest taking the TShoot last given that it will cover material from the Switch and Route exams.


                3. If you ask that question of 10 different network engineers you will get 10 different answers. As an extreme example I had a manager once who passed the entire CCNP in 4 weeks. That was in the days when there were four exams.

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                  Regarding the time for the exams, depends a lot, I think you are ready when you don't have any doubt about a topic and pass a lot of hours practicing, for me it took 7 months the preparation for the SWITCH, now I'm in ROUTE, I have been studiying for 2 months and will take a couple more for sure.

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                    Hi Karl, Congrats! .... I just started the CCNP track this week as well. In my home lab I have the following Cisco Swtiches  (1) 3750 (1) 2960 and a some (2950) switches. Do you guys think these models will be enough for the topics in the switch portion?

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                      another layer 3 switch (3750 or 3560, since you already have a 3750) and gns3 for routing and i think you are set... although a real router or 2 wouldn't hurt your lab at all...

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                        Hi Sean, Thanks for that link, i just bought that TSHOOT book as well.

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                          Thanks for that post Nuno. I am confident of my knowledge from the previous taken CCNA courses. So if I just dedicate time and effort on CCNP, I can take the ROUTE, SWITCH & TSHOOT every 3 months time frame?


                          I also browsed the blueprints and checked the price. I saw that it costs $200 so I need $600 for the 3 exams or $200 for the 3 exams? Please verify.


                          In the equipments also, I will be using GNS3. Would that be enough or I really need a real gear for CCNP?



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                            you'll need switches, 2 l3 switches, 2 l2 switches... the routing you can do through gns3

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                              13 switches? thats a lot of switches..

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                                l3, layer 3 switches... 2 of them...

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                                  Sorry for that.

                                  I see, l3 means layer 3.

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