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    SDM says 2621XM Router is unsupported


      I have seen some other posts here and there about this issue but it cannot find anywhere that it has been resolved. I am trying to do a lab for CCNA 4, specifically 4.6.1 but I keep getting an error from SDM that my 2621XM router is unsupported. I followed the instructions in the lab and also tried following the curriculum instructions but neither have worked. I get logged in to SDM so I think I have the http server and passwords all setup okay. I tried 12.3(26) IOS and also 12.4 - a telco version that I have on another 2621XM to no avail. The 12.4 version was compiled in 2006, not sure about the 12.3 but I can find out if it is important.


      The filename for the 12.3 is c2600-i-mz.123-26.bin and the 12.4 is c2600-telco-mz.124-7.bin. I also have c2600-is-mz.122-3.bin available.


      thanks in advance,