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    unwanted emails


      I cant see where I stop group posts going to and filling  my yahoo mailbox. How do I do this? Also I think I set up a mistake account. Can I get it closed/erased?

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          just plain old Kev

          If that doesnt work, leave the group and rejoin it without email notifications checked.

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            You should see under actions to receive or not to receive email notifications.

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              Rigo - Community Moderator

              Hi Cmrbermudadude,


              It is possible that you may be subscribed to receive email notifications from specific discussion communities or groups.


              You may want to make note of what discussion community or study group your email notifications are coming from. You can find the discussion community name by looking at your email subject lines. Here is an example of what the email notifications subject line will look like "[IP Networking (CCENT)] New Message: ......" In this example, the community name is "IP Networking (CCENT)."


              Once you know the community or study group name, you can login to the Cisco Learning Network and visit the main landing page of that particular discussion community or study group. On the right navigational bar, under Actions > Notifications, you will see "Stop email notifications"


              Also, you may adjust your email notifications settings simply by clicking on Your Stuff > Preferences, then click on the "Email Notification Preferences" tab. Once you have made the desired changes, click "Save"


              Hope this helps.




              Cisco Learning Network Moderator