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    GNS3 set up help.


      Hi guys, I need to set up GNS now. Packet tracer doesn't let me view as much as a live router can provide. And I have been told that d GNS can. I have previously tried to set up, but I had problems linking d ios image to the gns. Let me assume I did something wrong then. I want to set it up now. How do I go about it. And more so how do I get an ios image for a router, switch, firewall, and ips, if they r all available

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          there are videos on youtube about installing and configuring GNS3. why read if u can watch it. right.


          IOS for GNS3 is the problem. you suppose to be using IOS you already have or own (from real router); although I am not sure how is that legal.  Problem is that there is no IOS for GNS3, no demo, no student version, etc.

          Still, somehow people get it and use it.

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            Hey Martin. Thanks a lot.  Yeah its strange how a lot of problem use the IOS on the gns.   I'm going to do as have instructed with the installation and set up videos from youtube.   Cheers man