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    Passed ICND1, Some Tips For Prospective Test Takers

    Jeremy Steele

      Hey all,


      Just passed the ICND1 earlier today. Mainly used the cisco press book (by wendell odom) as a resource. I've been doing server admin/dev work for a while and passed the Network+ about 3 weeks ago so that helped with general ip/subnet/routing knowlege. It was mostly the cisco-specific stuff that I didn't know.


      Without getting too specific, if you use books to study - just be prepared for some questions that the book doesn't cover. So far this is true with every cert. exam I've taken... books are good for 95% of the stuff.. but it's that 5% that always throws a curve ball


      Some tips also:


      - Learn binary. Live, eat and breath it!

      - VLSM isn't part of the official exam, but it helps give you a good understanding of subnetting. Plus you need to know it for ICND2

      - Subnetting was on a LOT of the questions I had. It's no joke when they say it is important. If you are the least bit unsure about it - delay your test if you can and practice some more!

      - Simulators aren't the real thing.. but they can go a long way.

      - Avoid cram-study-sessions. It is better to learn material and not just cram it into your brain for the hour during the test. That works in high school and college, but not the real world!

      - Be prepared to get VERY mad at the test engine. Seriously. I know of 2-3 questions I was pretty sure I got wrong and the very next question answered them in the actual question text. It drove me nuts! I wish it had a back button! lol


      If you pass the test:

      - Make sure you check on the certification tracker for any supporting requirements that you need to agree to. I did mine just now after seeing someone else mention them and within 2 minutes I got the "you've been certified!" email. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not - but its good to double check either way.


      Anyway, good luck to everyone! Next up, ICND2