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    1941 routers


      hi guys,


      i have a cisco1941/k9 router on which i wanted to configure IPsec and found that it doesnt support it.

      upon contacting my cisco reseller, i have been told that i need a cisco sec/k9 as it is the one which

      will support IPsec. question is, do they mean i cant upgrade the IOS on the 1941/k9 to an IOS that

      will support IPsec?? does this mean 1941 is un-upgradeable??? now am stuck and my boss is fuming,

      I might

      lose my job for purchasing the wrong equipment!


      please guys, HELP!

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          Andrea Florio CCIE #46985

          they are talking about ios image feature set... on cisco feature navigator, i found quite some images supporting ipsec vpn tunnels.. did you already gave it a try?

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            1941 will support IPSec, but you need to purchase the license for it if you are using newer 15.x code on it.  The new modular featureset code design allows for a single image that can support lots of features, but results in lower initial purchase price for everyone.  When you need a feature, you buy the license, Cisco sends you the PAK, and you get it put on the device.  Reload and you're good to go!