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    Career - Testing Vs Network Engineer


      Hi Everyone,


      I've completed CCNP two days back and I thank all who posted their queries and responses, which actually made my learning so broader.


      Here I come to the part in which I was confused a lot.

      I'm from India. Currently I work as Testing Lead in an NMS(network management software) testing for the last, almost, 7 years. But when I started preparing for Cisco certifications I find myself more involved in doing configurations and troubleshooting the devices with great passion. And I really wanted to move my career towards that.


      But I dont know how to proceed, whether the companies will accept my profile with testing background to a network engineer.

      Some of my friends advice, why do I want to waste my testing eperience(this 7 years) and they want me to keep going in the same field.


      Apart from this I also have little concern, how my growth will be in my new career?

      whether i have to sacrifice my current salary to lesser in the initial periods? But am ready for this too, because I love to do this job and hoping that my new career growth will be really a better one than what i'll be getting from testing path.


      Please provide you suggestions and advices on how can I proceed. I'll be grateful for your suggestions.




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          Rajiv Kumar

          Hi Ganesh,


          I am in the same situation. I have been working as a System admin for last 5 years. Working with Windows, Servers, AD, Vmware, Citrix. A year back I found another job where I work with a little part of cisco (Changing vlans, and ports and failover to other careers stuff) and I really liked it. That made me learn more about cisco so now I am studying for ccent.


          yes, i understand the salary will not be juicy anymore because of the experience but for the long run, it will be better in case we get to ccie level.


          I always wanted to go towards cisco but that didn't happen, may be this is the time. Lets see if this will help me. I already have a job and I am studying for cisco, dont know where it will take me but I stopped thinking about negativity and moving towards cisco more and more. I want to be expert in one thing.


          What I think about Cisco -


          Cisco is a ladder where I will go up and up.


          What I think about Microsoft -


          A tree and I can't jump from one branch to another like a monkey eventhough I act like one as a system admin.


          Good luck!