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    CUCM SIP Trunk with Sipgate





      I have in my home lab a CUCM 8.6 and want to use a SIP Trunk from http://www.sipgate.de/trunking.


      I configured this SIP Trunk in CUCM with the required informations like IP-Address, SIP Trunk security profile and sip profile.


      For  login to sipgate, there is a username and password required. I configured a SIP realm with username and password.




      But the SIP trunk doesn´t work. I can see at sipgate that the CUCM is not logged in. What´s the mistake?



      Does anyone experiences with sipgate?   Or who can tell me the configuration tasks for CUCM SIP Trunk?



      Thank you for your answers. 

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          Did you have get a reply to this one?  I'm sure it can't be done at the moment because of the way sipgate and CUCM do thier authentication.


          I'd be interested to hear on your workaround for this as I plan to do the same thing very shortly.


          Kind Regards,