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    Network ID or Subnet ID


      Hi Everybody,


      I have a really daft question for you all.


      I have just taught myself subnetting which I am fine with, but whilst practicing on various questions I see the answers refering to both Network ID and Subnet ID.  Are these two terms interchangable or Is there a difference, if so what is it?


      Many Thanks

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          In the real world, people use them interchangably (this is the way I've always looked at it).  I guess the real definition comes in where you talk about classful and classless networking (as this is where CIDR/subnetting was involved).  So a class C address would be a network.  If we were to subnet it, lets say we want to have 8 subnets, we would have




          Each of these subnets would be part of the major classful network of


          But the word subnet and network are used interchangably

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            I agree, but I would use terms properly for exam study and during exam.

            Address could have 3 parts if subnetted: network, subnet, host portions.

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              Stephen, thanks for that, it makes perfect sense.  Martin, your right, I need to learn the correct terminology for the exam, I'm finding that even though I know the answer to questions I am making silly mistakes and getting them wrong - its just like learning to pass your driving test.


              Thanks for your help

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                What's up GAV,


                In support of Stephen's and Martin's answers and for your exam terminology reference,  CH 12 pg 263, 640-822 OCG  3rd ed. The key topic says subnet number is also called subnet ID or subnet address...numerically the smallest number in the subnet and cannot be used by a host,  just as Stephen pointed out




                and so on...


                with .0 and .32 being the subnet ID