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    Is this ok for an initial lab setup?


      So i've just recently started stuyding for CCNA and im finally into iOS and switches. Till now I have just used packet tracer which I like as I can just set stuff up there real quick to practice commands but I really wanted to get my hands on some real kit so I just orderd a 2950C switch. I went for that over the standard 2950 as I believe there are some commands (Enhanced QoS, 802.1s MISTP(Multiple Instance Spanning Tree Protocol) and 802.1w RSTP(Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) that are only support on the enhanced Image version of the 2950. I will probably get 1 more switch, maybe a 2960 if I can afford it or another 2950C but now I want to get out there and get a couple of routers.


      Is 2 enough or should I go for 3? Some guy at work gave me 800 series (837 i think) but I think I will get either a couple of 2600XM's or 1 2600XM and 1 3640. Will the 837 even come in handy for anything in CCNA or is it just a paperweight?


      I will still use PT on the side but I have a bit of budget for some kit so didn't want to lose out on an opportunity to make my own lab.


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to alternative models I should be looking at within that price range?