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    CCNA-Service Provider


      Is this no longer the CCNP- Service Provider Exam path? or is this the new one? I can't find any info on any of the exam numbers below. I've been asked to get my CCNP-SP ( I was originally studying for my Route Switch CCNP exams, but I've been specifically asked to get these. ) - However I can't seem to find any info on these on learningnetwork.cisco.com =(




      1.       Deploying Service Provider Network Routing (SPROUTE) : 642-883


      2.       Deploying Service Provider Advanced Network Routing (SPADVROUTE) :



      3.       Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next Generation Core Network

      Services (SPCORE): 642-887


      4.       Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next Generation Edge Network

      Services (SPEDGE) : 642-889



      any word?

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          Looks like the cat has been let out of the bag, though imagine you'll need to get your CCNA-SP before going for your CCNP-SP, at the moment it looks like all courses will be 5-day ILT and a very expensive pursuit, but certainly looks more relevent today than the CCIP.

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            What I'm curious about is that this is the first Associate level Certification that does not require a CCNA or CCENT.


            Another thing that I'm curious about is how this ties into the CCIP and CCNP SP OPs. There is already a CCNA SP OPs, so does this mean that the CCIP is going to continue to be here for the long haul.

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              DelVonte wrote:


              Another thing that I'm curious about is how this ties into the CCIP and CCNP SP OPs.


              It doesn't tie into either, the courses that have been listed are the four new courses that will make up the new CCNP SP, which will eventually replace the CCIP.

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                So, - I really want to take my CCNA-SP:


                SPNGN1 Exam

                Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 1(SPNGN1)

                SPNGN2 Exam

                Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2 (SPNGN2)



                I am already a standard CCNA. So my question is, Where can I go to learn about all the concepts that are in the two exams listed above. I really want to push myself and find the correct training material that will be on these exams. So far, there is nothing out there for these exams. Am I left to fend for myself and just look at the exam topics, and just go study these individual topics on my own? hoping that I learn enough on each topic to pass the test?


                I'm giving myself 1 month then I'm taking the CCNA-SP Exam 1 test, I'll keep you all posted, its just frustrating at how little information there is about this cert.


                I'm hungry! FEED ME!!!




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                  Did read somewhere there was going to be a formal annoucement/introduction either 20th or 21st.


                  CCNP-SP Pt1, looks pretty straight-forward, I'd make use of the resources on here and cisco.com, as well as purchase a copy of Cisco IOS XR Fundamentals

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                    Where are you finding your information on the CCNP-SP? I haven't heard of it prior to reading this thread. I was thinking of renewing my CCNA and CCNP, and I was toying around with doing CCIP. But now that I see the CCNA-SP is available, it ties in perfectly with my job. I'd definitely be interested in more info on the CCNP-SP, especially if it's a good run-up to the CCIE-SP.

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                      Definately on the cards, as for any forthcoming annoucement anybody's guess?


                      In the interim I know of one or two who are opting to take the updated CCIE-SP v3.0 for which you can still take a written beta, as a way of renewing their existing certs while they wait.

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                        Rigo - Community Moderator

                        Hi all,


                        There is currently no information regarding CCNP Service Provider certification or exams. However, a formal announcement will be published on the Cisco Learning Network to inform the community if there is any news regarding new certifications.




                        Cisco Learning Network Moderator