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    CCNP Voice..4 exams?


      Hello guys,


      Please advise my current status on my way to CCNP Voice. I passed CCNA Voice last year.

      If I want to go for CCNP Voice now, do I still need to take CVoice? Then there will be five exams for me?


      Appreciate all your comments!! Thank you.

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          it depends on exam passed; which one did u pass ?

          CVoice 642-   or 640-460 ?


          only CVoice 642 counted as 2 exams;

          see map https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/docs/DOC-9016

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            Rigo - Community Moderator

            Hi Andrew,


            Let me welcome you to the Cisco Learning Network!


            Having a valid CCNA Voice certification will fulfill the prerequisite requirement for the CCNP Voice certification.


            Which exam did you pass to achieve the CCNA Voice certification?


            As Martin mentioned above, your remaining CCNP Voice exams will depend on the exam you passed to become certified in CCNA Voice.


            If you are a candidate who took and passed the 642-436 CVOICE exam to achieve the CCNA Voice certification, then this exam can also be applied towards the CCNP Voice if the exam is still valid. Professional level exams are valid for 3 years from the date they are passed. For more information, you can reference the URL posted by Martin above or click here.




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              Hi Martin/ Rigo,

              I passed 640-460 IIUC exam. I read the doc you provided which mean I have to go for five exam to be a CCNP Voice


              Which one you guys prefer to start with? Start with CVoice or CIPT1 v8 ?

              Any recommended books or training video? I'm more strong in watching training video


              Thanks you guys for helping me!!

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                start with CVoice 'cause it will show u where CUCMs (CIPT s exams) are; where and how VOIP infrastructure  works.

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                  Kevin S.



                  I am also working on CCNP Voice at this time.  As Martin said CVoice is the place to start. The reason is it will build on the CCNA Voice topics and lay the ground work for the devices CUCM connects to in CIPT1&2.    As for Video training below are two links for great sites.  I really like the CBT site, the videos are by Jeremy Cioara the author of the CCNA Voice book.






                  Good luck.


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                    Thanks you guys for all your kind comments and advices. If not, I would have started with CIPT1&2.


                    Appreciate it much!!

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                      Hi Guys,


                      Though I studied both IIUC and 642-436 (Cisco Voice over IP). But for the exam, I went with 642-436. Now I realized after checking VUE exam history.


                      So, I only need to study 4 more exams to become a CCVP?


                      Sorry to make you guys confused..




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                        Rigo - Community Moderator

                        Hi Andrew,


                        Thanks for the clarification.


                        If your 642-436 CVOICE exam is still valid (3 years from the date you passed it) then you can apply it towards the CCNP Voice certification.


                        Please be advised that you have 3 years to complete all of the exam requirements for any Professional level certifcation.  The 3 years starts as soon as a candidate passes the first exam required for that particular certification (such as your 642-436 CVOICE exam in this case)


                        To achieve CCNP Voice, you will only need to pass the remaining exams (below) by or before your 642-436 CVOICE exam expiration date:


                        642-427 TVOICE

                        642-467 CAPPS

                        642-457 CIPT2

                        642-447 CIPT1


                        Note: If your 642-436 CVOICE exam has already expired OR expires before you can complete the remaining CCNP Voice exams, you will be required to take and pass the new CVOICE exam, 642-437.


                        Good luck on your CCNP Voice pursuit!




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