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    ospf costs on vlan interfaces

    Michael Büchel

      Hello all,


      we use ospf in our network for routing and changed the default bandwith with the command


      ospf auto-cost reference-bandwidth 10000


      After that, the cost for a Gigabit-Interface counts to 10 as expected, for 100MB-interfaces it

      counts 100 and for TenGigabit it goes to 1.


      Fine so far, however, when we look at the networks routed through the TenGig-Interfaces, they

      still have cost of 10.


      I remeber a cisco-document where it is explained that for vlans the cost is left 10 after changing

      the reference bandwidth and one should manually change that via "ospf cost 1" - when having a


      Does somebody know docs from cisco regarding that topic? is it a bug? May i change the cost
      of the vlan intercae without having downtime?


      Thanks for advance for your help,


      best regards,