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    CME web


      I wanting to know if I can add, remove and edit phones from the web gui. I got the web gui up but can't do configure anything with it.

      Also I would like commands and steps on getting it to work... I been try for days down... thanks again CCNA Voice Study Group..

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          nvm I found another discussion

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            Santosh Agrawal

            Hi there,


              As I am aware we can confiure most of the features. For DN and time you need to enter commands dn-webedit and tim-ewebedit. And more ever you need to have your phones configured to edit them.

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              thanks for replying,


              So your saying with those commands i can do everything i need to configure the phones?..

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                Santosh Agrawal

                The commands I ahve mentioned are additional that are not present by default. S0 u need to add them.

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                  no problem on real gear; however if u using GNS3, you might have a problem with configurations via website; it does not work sometimes; CCP is hard to set up and use with GNS3 as u need IOS 15 likely. 

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                    I was able to add extensions but could add phones from the gui. My phones are getting ip addresses from the cme.

                    thanks guys.. here is the config


                    version 12.4

                    service timestamps debug datetime msec

                    service timestamps log datetime msec

                    no service password-encryption

                    hostname R1



                    logging message-counter syslog

                    no aaa new-model

                    ip source-route

                    ip cef

                    ip dhcp excluded-address

                    ip dhcp pool dhcp



                       option 150 ip

                    no ip domain lookup

                    no ipv6 cef

                    multilink bundle-name authenticated

                    memory-size iomem 0


                    log config


                    interface FastEthernet0/0

                    ip address

                    duplex auto

                    speed auto

                    interface FastEthernet0/1

                    no ip address


                    duplex auto

                    speed auto

                    ip forward-protocol nd

                    ip http server

                    no ip http secure-server

                    ip http path disk0:/gui

                    tftp-server disk0:P00308000500.loads

                    tftp-server disk0:P00308000500.sb2

                    tftp-server disk0:P00308000500.sbn


                    mgcp fax t38 ecm




                    max-ephones 10

                    max-dn 10

                    system message Toua Lor

                    load 7960-7940 P00308000500.loads

                    max-conferences 4 gain -6

                    web admin system name admin password cisco



                    transfer-system full-consult

                    create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00

                    ephone-dn  1

                    number 0001

                    hold-alert 30 originator

                    ephone-dn  2

                    number 0002

                    name SEP000A8A5CCD7A

                    hold-alert 30 originator

                    line con 0

                    exec-timeout 0 0

                    logging synchronous

                    stopbits 1

                    line aux 0

                    stopbits 1

                    line vty 0 4