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    Time of day routing


      Hi Guys


      i want to configure all the 7937 phones to dial internationally between 7am and 7pm. And from 7pm to 7am the phones should only be able to dial internally.
      I know I need to configure time perids, CSS and partitions. Before I have a go at it Can you guys please advise me on what i need to consider and do.




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          we use devile/line CSS


          now i want to hardcode phones and give them international/unrestricted dialling btn 7am & 7pm


          what im thinking is configuring a time based partition and assigning it to the phones....this partition will be blocking international calls btn 7pm & 7am...


          is this the right approach?

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            Patrick Geschwindner - CCIE R&S, CCSI

            The line/device approach is usually "positive" on the device and "negative (blocking)" on the line. So if you like to block international calls then you need to block from 7pm to 7am. This "blocking pattern" will then go into the CSS on the line of that user (or common CSS if you want to make this for everybody). The partition assigned to this blocking pattern will then have the timeshedule assigned which will be active from 7pm to 7am (two time periods, one from 7pm to midnight and one from midnight to 7am). When the timeschedule is active, this partition is "visible" and outside the schedule bounds it becomes "invisible" which then in turn allows the international call.


            HTH a bit