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    Suggestions for new CCNP Voice Lab

    Robert Rittenhouse



      I am starting the process of studying my CCNA and taking the voice track up to CCNP Voice. I want to start on my lab now so it will be more feasible when that time comes. I am reading that I will need to go the route of IOS 15.x on newer routers (28XX?).


      I am basically looking for suggestions on what types of devices I should keep an eye out for. I have been looking for some 3550's but I am unsure how much I should be paying for them and how many i'll need. I keep reading endless threads that seem to not talk about this "new" test or whatever. Can you get away with using IOS 12.x and CME/CUCM 7 or is it too risky?


      I just wish Cisco would publish some lists of gear that you can purchase (old and new) so it made this process a lot less stressful.


      I've thought about going virtual but I want as real of an environment as I can (but I am not completely closed to using some GNS3 and some physical).


      Thanks a lot