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    Two Subnets on the same Physical Network.


      Hello guys, i have identified a situation at my work place and i would like some advice in how to understand the situation.



      All The PCs and Servers have as Gateway: (The routers address).


      Now as you can see both servers have a classfull Subnet mask, whereas the PCs cluster is subnetted, but all the PCs can ping the Servers and Vice-Versa, now I understand why this happens, what im trying to find out is, why is this implemented at my work place?

      We dont have network technicians and im almost done taking my CCNA, what I wanted to know is:


      Is this implemented to serve a specific purpose?

      Or is this just plain bad network design and if this is the case what problems can this bring to the network?


      From my understanding the servers should both be connected to a separate Router that per turn connects to the main router.


      Many Thanks


      Gualter Guizado