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    SVI or routed port as MPLS endpoint for dual-homed PE devices


      Hi CLN,


      All is in the subject, since "mpls ip" is possible on SVI.


      I have a provider backbone where i want to connect some brand new Provider Edge Routers, on which i want to do some redundancy with the SP Core Switching layer, when there are directly connected P Routers.


      Without drawing, the physical topology is very simple and form a triangle between 2 backbone switch's and each PE router's.


      Then each PE will have 1 link with the one of the 2 Core Switching equipment of the SP Core, it's because i say "dual-homed", perhaps a mistake i'm not fluent.


      And i hesitate on this two possiblities:


      1- using Gigabit Ethernet switchport which will be terminate by an SVI [Layer 3/MPLS] and use flex link technology to assure redundancy by the secondary link


      ** NB: it may be a 1bis solution but i don't want to use any of the STP technology **


      2- using Gigabit routed port [Layer3/MPLS] with a backup interface (ES-20 Card Feature) for redundancy of the secondary link


      And of course otherwise it's not funny, i have one constraint as you noticed.


      I need to do fast convergence that doesn't rely on specific layer 3 routing protocols, to simplify the PE configuration but not my life


      Is someone knows any drawbacks of using one of the two solutions for futur MPLS implementation ?


      Is it for you a good design for futur unknown and bizarre implementation ?


      Thx for your advice, i know it's very specific question but all the design guide, that i read, don't speak about this.


      Hope i am clear too in all my explanation.




      Ce message a été modifié par: Stephane After some seach on the subjet, with this kind of linecard ES-20, it is better to use SVI & switchport functionnality, it is design for it. It is also my first approach on EVC feature and it is very interesting and offer very great functionnality. Great share on Support Cisco Forums. Stephane