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    Problems of association between the AP and WLC


      Good Morning or good night,


      I'm doing a lab network wireless.

      I have been a problems to associate an AIR-CAP3502I-T-K and a Cisco WLC 5508.

      I configured the basic settings in WLC5508:



      System Name [Cisco_32:af:43]: WLC_01

      Enter Administrative User Name (24 characters max): admin

      Enter Administrative Password (24 characters max): cisco

      Re-enter Administrative Password : cisco

      Service Interface IP Address Configuration [none][DHCP]: none

      Service Interface IP Address:

      Service Interface Netmask:

      Enable Link Aggregation (LAG) [yes][NO]:

      Management Interface IP Address:

      Management Interface Netmask:

      Management Interface Default Router:

      Management Interface VLAN Identifier (0 = untagged):

      Management Interface Port Num [1 to 8]: 1

      Management Interface DHCP Server IP Address:

      Virtual Gateway IP Address:

      Mobility/RF Group Name: TESTE

      Network Name (SSID): LABTEST

      Allow Static IP Addresses [YES][no]:

      Configure a RADIUS Server now? [YES][no]: no

      Enter Country Code list (enter ‘help’ for a list of countries) [US]: br

      Enable 802.11b Network [YES][no]: yes

      Enable 802.11a Network [YES][no]: no

      Enable 802.11g Network [YES][no]: yes

      Enable Auto-RF [YES][no]: yes

      I also set up the clock and time zone with the option 10 (Buenos Aires - GMT / UTC -03:00 hour).


      Configuration saved!


      Resetting system with new configuration...

      In AccessPoint I set up the next command:

      same clock set of WLC

      lwapp ap controller ip add

      The AP is generating the following log: faild request join.



      What´s happening? Can Someone help me?




      Best Regard,


      Vinicius Pinho