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    Route Exam - Passed Today!!! :)

    C1SC0M - CCNP,CWNA,Net+

      Hi guys, it's been a while since I don't come in here.  I was very focused on my studies for the ROUTE exam.  Today I passed it with a score of 976.  It was a pretty easy exam considering all the effort I put into my self-studies.  I want to share with you the resources I used for the ROUTE and SWITCH exams:



      The Foundation Learning Book from Diane Teare (ROUTE) - I have the complete library, but honestly I don't recommend you to buy them all, in terms of price is wise, but the SWITCH guide sucks.  It lacks a lot of valuable information.  For that I used the David Huccaby Book, that is an excellent resource.


      The certification guide from Wendell Odom is also a great resource to focus on the ROUTE exam topics.


      As for the CBT videos I used a mix of everything depending on the topic.  CCNP video Mentors, CBT Nuggets (ROUTE) and the old Train Signal videos from Chris Bryant, this last one was the best in terms of the ROUTE exam, the EIGRP, OSPF and BGP topics are just the best in my opinion.


      For the Labs - GNS3 and my real gear.  As for the topologies, there are plenty examples in the books, the videos and on the internet.  I also used real scenarios topologies from work. 


      One more to go.  For the TSHOOT I will just use the book and some videos I have, and of course a lot of hands on.  But I let you know in a couple of weeks when I take it how well it went.


      Before I go, I want to thank all of you guys here that share your knowledge with us "the newbies".  Even do I've been working in the networking field for almost 8 years I still consider myself a newbie, that way I make sure to keep improving.  But anyways, Thank you all!!! I really really appreciate all your comments and knowledge trading, it really helps a lot!!! 


      Scott and Keith many thanks!!  Scott for clarifying a lot of our doubts in here and Keith for the excellent IPv6 videos on Youtube!! Hehehehe those really helped!!

      Favio, Goodboy, Martin!!  Thanks to you too!!


      PS I know I still owe you guys the BGP lab (AD vs BGP election) remember?  Coming soon, I promise!