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    Connecting real IP phones to gns3


      hello and thanks for those looking at this..

      I have a 3524 poe switch with two 7940 Ip phone. I wanted to connect my phyiscal gear with a router from gns3 and the IOS I use for my router in gns3 is c3725-ipvoice_ivs-mz.124-15.T14.bin, I have also connected my router with my switch. I set up some of the telephony setting by can't get my phones to work or get an ip from the router. thanks

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          1. we need to see show run

          2. does your PC's NIC support Vlans (801.2Q) ?

          if not then do not use any vlans; set all on one vlan, vlan 1

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            Building configuration...


            Current configuration : 1410 bytes

            version 12.4

            service timestamps debug datetime msec

            service timestamps log datetime msec

            no service password-encryption

            hostname R1



            no aaa new-model

            memory-size iomem 5

            ip cef

            no ip dhcp use vrf connected

            ip dhcp pool PHONES



               option 150 ip

            no ip domain lookup

            multilink bundle-name authenticated


            log config


            interface FastEthernet0/0

            ip address

            speed auto


            interface FastEthernet0/1

            no ip address


            duplex auto

            speed auto

            ip forward-protocol nd

            no ip http server

            tftp-server flash:phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.bin

            tftp-server flash:phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.loads

            tftp-server flash:phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.sb2

            tftp-server flash:phone/7940-7960/P00308000500.sbn





            load 7960-7940 P00308000500

            max-ephones 5

            max-dn 5

            ip source-address port 2000

            auto assign 1 to 5

            auto assign 4 to 6

            max-conferences 8 gain -6

            transfer-system full-consult

            create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00

            ephone-dn  1

            number 0001

            ephone-dn  2

            number 0002

            line con 0

            exec-timeout 0 0

            logging synchronous

            line aux 0

            line vty 0 4





            I just use vlan 1

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              it should work; i don't see ip dhcp-exlude address  =might be good idea to add;


              your gns3's FastEthernet0/0 is connected to a gns3 cloud and that cloud is mapped to real NIC on Pc, right?

              Your switch has all interfaces in vlan 1 , right ?

              if u connect real PC to a switch, will u get IP from gns3 router?

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                hey thanks for the fast reply I thought people would never reply...

                i'll add the dhcp-exclude address command, yes the router fa0/0 is connected to the gns3 cloud mapped to the real nic. The switch only have van1 and all the ports are in vlan1 and I havent tried connecting a pc to the switch but I will.. thanks again for replying i'll be posting more since i am working towards ccna voice

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                  ususally replies do not come so fast; any luck?

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                    yes it work.. i as able to dial from one 7940 to another thanks