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    Setting Up Frame Relay Using 3 Routers


      Is it possible to setup a frame relay lab using 3 routers where you can ping the interfaces on the router being used as the frame-relay switch?  For example:


      R1 is the frame-relay switch. Int S 1/0 is connected to int S 1/0 on R2. and R1 int S 1/1 is connected to int S 1/0 on R3.  I can do a setup where R2 and R3 are the spokes with R1 being the hub. Both R2 and R3 can ping one another.


      What I can't figure out is how to put an ip address on R1 interfaces where I can ping R2 and R3 from R1 and vice-versa. 


      After setting up frame-relay on R1 interfaces, I enter the following information for R1


      int S 1/0

      frame-relay route 100 int s 1/1 200

      int S 1/1

      frame-relay route 200 int s 1/0 100


      R2 is setup as a multipoint interface:


      int s 1/0.2 multipoint

      ip address

      frame-relay map ip 100 broadcast


      R3 is setup as a point-to-point intreface


      int s 1/0.3 point-to-point

      ip address

      frame-relay interface-dlci 200 broadcast


      What I'm missing is how to setup the interfaces on R1 so I can ping them from the other routers.  I appreciate any suggestions.

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          I figured it on my own. I connected R1 int s 1/3 to R3 int s 1/3 and configured frame relay on both interfaces along with ip addresses in the same subnet.  R1 is the frame-relay switch.  I was able to ping R1 from  R3 and vice versa but I could not ping R1 from R2.


          I tried different scenarios including adding frame-relay routes statements with the dlcis on R1 int s 1/0 (which was connnected to R2) and int s 1/1 (which was connected to R3) but nothing worked.  I removed these last statements.


          Since R2 int s 1/0.2 was a multipoint subinterface, I just had to add the new ip addresses for R1 and R3 to the dlci (same dlci for all 3 ip addresses)


          int s 1/0.2 multipoint

          frame-relay map ip 100 broadcast

          frame-relay map ip 100 broadcast.


          The first ip address is for R1 and the second ip address is for R3.


          I have ip addresses on the following interfaces:



          int s 1/0 no ip address

          int s 1/1 no ip address

          int s 1/3.1 (point-to-point - connected to R3 s 1/3)



          int s 1/0.2 (multipoint - connected to R1  int s 1/0)



          int s 1/0.3 255.255..255.0 (point-to-point  connected to R1 int s 1/1)

          int s 1/3 (point-to-point) connected to R1 int s 1/3)

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            FR over Hub-spoke; There are 3 common things to check for FR to work :


            broadcast in frame-relay map statments;

            Split Horizon on hub;

            adding map statments on Spokes saying "to ping other spoke go thru hub"


            there are some examples in my docs; if u still need help or have question, show us running config(s)