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    CCIE Requirements


      I've been having an interesting discussion with one of my friends who is also CCNA certified. He has recently passed CCNP Switch and he's planning on skipping the rest of CCNP exams and going right into CCIE written exam. I asked him why he would do this, and he replied that companies are just looking for people who have passed the CCIE written exam. I told him he needs the CCIE LAB to be CCIE certified and that it doesn't make any sense to me. Can someone please explain if my statement is true and why companies are just looking for candidates who have the CCIE written exam passed?

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          So, here's the deal.  A lot of companies are looking for people who have passed the CCIE written.  MOST people who pass the CCIE written are preparing to take their lab within the next 6 - 12 months.  But having passed CCIE written a lot of employers are assuming that you have CCNP and CCNA R&S expertise.  But you do have to have the lab passed to get your CCIE # and be considered CCIE certified.   Some companies will just require having passed CCIE written because they might not want to pay fully for a CCIE certified individual or they might have a progression path to help people get their lab and want to get people employed before the lab pass.

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            Mohamed Sobair



            Your statement is absolutely correct. Passing the CCIE Written exam doesnt qualify a person as a fully CCIE Certified. and Infact, the lab portion of the Exam is the most hectic and important part from my point of view, because it provides excellent exposure to Scenarios and Practise and it actually tests your readings as well as your practical knowledge and the most time consuming part.


            However, I dont advice bypassing the CCNP exams just because companies hire CCIEs, Companies also hire CCNPs with solid and good knowledge foundation. The CCNP provides fundamental knowledge and solid base to your way through CCIE. There are outstanding CCNPs outthere provides Consultancy and performs Excellent job even better than the CCIEs are. Its basically your knowlege along with the Certificate is what the hiring/companies value more.


            CCIE written will give you more technical details and is your first step towards the CCIE lab, but the CCNP provides solid foundation.


            The Direct CCIE bypassing CCNP was designed for more experienced people who had alot of experience and exposure in the world of networking and they needed to strenthen thier knowledge with this Type of Certification.


            Since CCIE takes more time for prepartion and study till you eventually get it, I would recommend going through the CCNP curriculum which minimizes the prepartion time for CCIE and provides with an Excellent suffiecent knowledge that can qualify you for a better job unless you are experienced person that have sufficent CCNP knowledge and looking for the CCIE certification credential.





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              Thank-you Rickey and Mohamed for your detailed explanation. 

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                No idea where you are - but UK the CCIE written hold little weight on its own.

                There are a ton of people with just the CCIE written and no lab - maybe they think that it will open more doors for them, but speaking from experience it does not.


                The first question most compaines will ask is "When is your lab booked?" They will soon find out who is serious and going to see this all the way through. Most jobs that want CCIE's state cleary "Both written & Lab".


                Most guys i know who have the written and the lab is pending in the next few months, would not even put CCIE written on their CV.


                As pointed out above if you are wanting your CCIE get the other certs and plenty of experience.



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                  This is true. I've had at least two job opportunities that I had to let go because I won't be doing my lab within the next 6 months, which was usually the requirement from these companies. Telling them you will only do it in a years time is a bit of a stretch, in my experience, anyways.


                  I agree with BIGEVIL. Get the other certs as well, which should be easy whilst you prepare for your CCIE Lab in any case, build up your experience, and become well-rounded in the networking space.


                  Good luck



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