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    Cannot telnet | closed by foreign host | GNS3

    Alaa Ali


      So I'm studying for my ICND2 exam.

      • I downloaded GNS3
      • Topology of R2 connected to SW1 (this is of course a router using the etherswitch interface, the NM-16ESW)
      • Configuration is done on both devices
      • Pinging is successful from R2 to SW1 and vice versa
      • BUT, I cannot telnet from one to the other. I get:
        • Trying ... Open
        • [Connection to closed by foreign host]
      • SSH does not work either (actually, SSH keeps telling me Authentication failed even if I'm typing the correct password)


      line vty 0 4 is configured for login, and has a password on both devices

      transport input telnet ssh is configured


      I'm already coming over from Packet Tracer and everything is working smoothly over there, but I've decided to move to a more realistic approach of studying; and here I am, stumbling upon my first tiny rock =D.


      Also, another tiny question: why is it that I have to enable the interface on SW1 which is connected to R2? I thought that once I enable int vlan 1 and connect anything to any switchport, those switchports are automatically enabled. Or is that just in Packet Tracer?


      *SW1 and R2 configs are attached