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    The Quest for CCIP


      Ok, folks I recently recertified my CCNA and think I want to go after a CCIP cert. Makes sense I guess, as I am currently employed by an ISP. So are there really Study Groups here that meet online at specific times? How does it work?

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          I think no online study group currently, but you may find somebody who prepare for same exam as you.

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            I just completed my CCNA yesterday and I'm starting on the CCIP too because I also work for an ISP. Did you recertify by completing the 816 or the 802?


            I'm trying to decide what order I want to go in. I'm guessing the ROUTE would be the best one to start off with right?

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              Elvin Arias

              You will find people here that are getting prepared for the CCIP just like you, they normally have questions and people answer their queries. Besides you will find very experienced people like Paul, Scott, Keith, and others who are willing to help too.



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                Ryan Ruckley CCNP



                How it works is you study hard and pass the required exams. CCIP can be done with either 3 exams or 4. If you have experience with BGP and MPLS then you can try for 3 exams, ROUTE, Qos and BGP/MPLS. Otherwise separate out BGP and MPLS for the 4 exam option.


                If this is your first stint at a Pro level certification, I would assign around 3 months per exam, especially if you are working full time. YMMV.


                That's been my plan so far. I'm also studying for CCIP but already have CCNP (which is also a good cert to have) which includes ROUTE. Thus I'm currently studynig for QoS and then hope to do the combined exam around the end of June.


                There's no specific groups that meet but some of us jump online via Google Talk and chat about what we're studying or you can just post here when you have questions. It's not as active as the CCNP study group but there's a good bunch of people here that should be able to help you out.


                Good luck to you.




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                  I am down to participate in any study groups.  Due to my schedule chats and/or web events are easiest.  I'm focused on the CCIE R&S lab but that aligns very well with the CCIP nowadays, albeit not as in depth in many areas.

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                    @zif socket

                    I went the 802 route. I can't really advise you on which would be the best route to take first. Perhaps someone with a CCIP and advise. 

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                      Just Login here; Say Hi & shoot your question as simple as that.

                      Many fantastic guys are here to help & reply to your queries appropriately.

                      So get started & Good luck for journey of CCIP !

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                        In my opinion first take BGP than MPLS and QOS as the last one. This is what I did. For MPLS you have to posses really deep knowledge about BGP so this order I have mentioned above is really good.

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                          Having just started to read the MPLS material, i would have to agree with  marcinjz76 as it is very heavy on BGP!!


                          Also the ACRONYMS!!!!! what is up with the amount of Acronynms in MPLS !!??? anyone else noticed this?



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                            What book or material have you started with  Jonny7_2002 ? I have been reading MPLS and VPN Architectures I and it was definitely difficult to start! It seems to be getting better now. But I was thinking maybe MPLS Fundamentals??

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                              Yes, i have bought MPLS Fundamentals by luc de ghein and also MPLS and VPN Architectures volume 2. I didnt buy MPLS and VPN Architectures Voume 1 as I heard that the MPLS Fundamentals book covers the same topics that Volume 1 of the MPLS and VPN Architecture book does and a little more.


                              I am around chapter 5 i think and it has been a little easier to go through the past two chapters and the current but my plan is to read it twice, as always, to go over the bits that have not sunk in!



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                                MPLS Fundamental is enough to read and then you can read MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software however second position contains lot of errors in config examples but this is excellent book with many configuration examples in it. I definitely recommend you to read these two books.

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                                  Hi everybody,


                                  1) ROUTE, I used the book from the "CCNP Official Certification Guide Series" and that was enough.


                                  2) BGP, I used only "Configuring BGP on CISCO ROUTERS Vol1&2 v3.2" and both books were enough for the exam.


                                  3) MPLS, I used "MPLS Fundamentals" and "Implementing CISCO MPLS Vol1&2 v2.1"; but when I was taking the exam I had a lot of questions related to MPLS TE so take care about that.


                                  4) QoS, actually I'm studying using the videos from INE.com and also the book "CISCO QoS Exam Certification Certification Guide". I'm going to take it the next month.


                                  Good luck!!!

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                                    Dare I say the hard part is out of the way for you then. Good job. I think I'll start reading a book next month. Right now I'm going over realted Nuggets to get an run through of the topics because we use them at work and I need to be able to keep up. After that I will start going more indept. We'll see how it goes. Do you have a date set?

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