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    I PASSED!!! Now....What should I do



      Well, first of all, I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!, I guess it wasn't such a difficult exam only for one of the sims that had me there for about 30 minutes. I'm really happy about that,

      all my family and me were celebrating yesterday, couple of champaing bottles

      because for me this is a great achievement and it was a joyful time....




      the day after.... what is my next step???.... I'm really into security,

      guess I will be buying some ccna Security books (IINS) to get me going

      but I think that is not enough. I have always wanted to have some kind

      of mentor to guide me through this.



      I'm 24 and this year I will be

      graduating from college in computer science, been working a year in a

      cisco larning partner (I studied there too) where sometimes I teach

      non-official courses and I'm suposed to be a network consultant (only

      the name not the practice, only fixing computers and putting some

      faceplates with no manageable network equipment whatsoever, only

      servers which I don't know how to manage)..... I want more!!! I want

      some challeging scenarios but I guess in my country it's difficult to

      get such job if one does not have any contacts in big enterprises.



      I'm telling you this so you can guide me a little more in my career, I read a good post answere by Mr Grant Sauls (sorry if I misspelled it) and it got me on a nice mood for studying some more on other topics.



      Just need some guidance and it would be appreciated if some of the big knowlege guys in here help me a little in this one



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          Frank Henderson

          Let me start by telling you congrats

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            Thanks a lot!! I appreciate it

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              B Haines

              Start working on the concentrations.. Pearson Vue has a special going.. 1 free retake if you fail a concentration! It's a good deal..



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                Hi Ahurtadove,



                Firstly, Congats and well done on your pass. I always tell guys to enjoy every pass and certification achievement as it is the end result of some good and bad times but ultimately you finished and passed.



                Now onto the What Next part. i always prefer to get some background before offering advice or making suggestions as it's important to understand what you are passionate about and what is the end goal you are striving for.



                So here's what i know about you. Your 24 and from what i can tell highly motivated to achieve, you show signs of being patient which i can write is running thin. You seem to real passion for security.... One of my questions will be what in Security do you like??? i see you want to do the CCNA security but you don't sound to sure.... Do you like R&S or would you be interested in looking at Wireless security as well. You could possibly focus a small amount of attention to IT business security certification as an add-on.



                So let me know what country you from and we at the CLN can see how much we can assist you with moving forward....



                Look out for comments from Conwyn, Scott, Makro, Bhaines, Mike B. these guy have expertise in different area's of Cisco and other certifications as well.



                i will wait for your reply and try and assist you as best as i can.



                Well Done again and welcome to the CLN... We always happy to here somebody new has passed and is one of us.



                Grant Sauls



                p.s. i appreciate the comment regarding my post you read... i glad to be able to assist in any way.



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                  B Haines

                  By the way, congratz! Sorry in a hurry! LoL

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                    First off Congrats, it is always such a relief to see that congratulations on the screen and realize that your hard work did pay off.



                    I remember when I finished my CCNA asking the same question. For me, I had to ask myself what I wanted next, where did I want to go. I ended up going for the CCNP, I wanted a deeper understanding of routing and switching, and this was a natural path. Of course, when I finished the CCNP, the same question popped up. Wanted to have a better background with QoS and BGP..so...CCIP was my next step.



                    It looks like you have started to ask the same question of yourself, and have an interest in Security. Definitely is a good career path, and would be a very interesting path to choose. Starting with the CCNA Security Concentration would definitely be a good place to start, but I would definitely recommend looking into continuing onto the professional level certs.






                    Best of luck



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                      Richard Allan Kelley


                      Congrats! So what is next? I felt when I took my CCNA years ago to go for the CCNP. My best suggestion is to stay focused. You mentioned you will be graduating soon. Focus on completing that acheivement. But do not stop either with your certification venture, I also suggest to continue learning. I realized after years between my tests is that the certification track builds upon each other and you need to stay focused and complete the certification in a timely manner.



                      Good luck!






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                        Congratulations and welcome to the Cisco Learning Network. We look forward to hearing more from you!




                        Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                          Congratulations ahurtadove!


                          You have much to be grateful for. CCNA at age 24 and graduating college this year. Sounds as if you're off to a great start!


                          Follow your dreams my friend!



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                            Venita: Official Cisco Team

                            Congratulations! Well done and thank you for sharing your wonderful news on the Cisco Learning Network.



                            Community Mgr. Team

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                              First of all, sorry for not answering before, I actually monitor my posts by mail but I just realized today all of the answers I got and they didn't show up in my mail, so.... sorry



                              I'm really grateful to everyone, this is a really great community, so I don't have enough words to thank everyone.



                              I made a desicion and it's funny because it seems that everything is related to all the replies I got.



                              I'm focusing right now on my career, which I will graduate in August, but in the way I'm making little time to read the ccna security certification guide as well as cbtnuggets and trainsignal, so... I'm spending all my money on training jajajajaja



                              Then I guess will be moving on wireless and then voice concentrations just to get all the basics in the fields and making the way to achieve CCSP that's my dream and I will get it.



                              So, once again, thanks to everyone who really got interested in my post.



                              Kind regards from a Venezuelan CCNA