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    Trying to establish a xconnect on ASR9K but lack understanding




      Please share an insight as to  what an ethernet flow point is (is it the same thins as EVC as per MEF)? I am trying to configure MPLS based point to point psw betwen two PE boxes and some how ca not understand a configuration. It is listed below. PLease do a line by line parse of it.


      interface GigabitEthernet0/1/0/19  ------ > choose an interface


      description XXX                         ----------> description of teh interface


      negotiation auto                        -----------> not sure what this is


      transceiver permit pid all            ------------> no idea about this


      l2transport                                -------------> enable L2 transport on this interface?






      xconnect group AAAAA              ------------> create a  cross connect  group of some sort


        p2p  DDDD                              ------------> point to point connection i guess and naming it as DDDDD


         interface GigabitEthernet0/1/0/19 -----------> source interface


         neighbor pw-id 806 ---------------> neighbor with which we are establishing the pw and pw's id




         description BBBBBB--------------------------------> teh description of the crossconnect



      Please assisst.