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    Hello everyone


      I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself and say hello. I'm studying for my ccna exam and will test inside the next 2 months. Its been a fun experience so far and something I am really enjoying.


      Take care.



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          As of April 19th I am a CCNA!


          My hands on experience away from work come from my home lab consisting of 2-2650xm, 2-1760v, 2-2620xm routers and 3, 2950t switches. My study guides were by Wendell Odem, Todd Lammle, Paul Browning. I appreciated each for different reasons. Wendells guides thorough and complete, Pauls delivery got you into the fight quickest. Todd Lammle had a good way explaining topics. Each worth the investment in time reading and money.

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            Warren Sullivan - CCNP

            so you passed the security exam? or the CCNA.....(this is posted in the CCNA Security forum)


            Congrats on either one, not easy exams! well done!

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              It should be in the CCNA section. Maybe an admin can move? No it wasn't easy but I'm glad it wasn't. My studies challenged me and at times I was banging my head on the wall! Security will be next unless I change my minde and then onto the ccnp track. 


              Thanks Warren. Take care.