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    Is CCIE SP v3 really going to change?




      I am hearing from peers that CCIE SP v3 going to be change very soon this year.

      Is is true or just rumours?


      Cheers, Amarjeet !

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          Leon van Dongen

          Does it really matter if it would change? What kind of changes would make you uncomfortable?


          It took Cisco more than four years to upgrade the exam from v2.0 to v3.0, the changes have been implemented not longer than a year ago so I would not expect any drastic changes.


          If you have done your research you'd know by know what the limitations are of the current hardware and software versions. In order to test carrier grade features it's not unlikely that the software version on XR12000 will be upgraded in a future release.


          Also I would like to point out there is a fifth section on the blueprint which is a bit ambigious. In my opinion Cisco could introduce a traffic generator test the policies that are implemented for "traffic traversing the core".


          In the absence of any formal communications from Learning@Cisco all of the above are simply rumours.


          Focus on the current blueprint and accept the fact that technology always changes.