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    Which mapping utility do you use?


      This question is not directly related to Cisco, but I figured I'd post here to try to get some useful feedback from other pros.


      I'm needing to map a lab network with about 200-250 switches, plus some load balancers, SAN, firewalls, and other miscellaneous stuff. I need it to cover 3 levels:


      1. The physical layer 2 topology from a bird's eye view

      2. The layer 3 topology (we're using quite a few VRFs to emulate different geographical areas)

      3. The detailed layer 1 topology.


      In other words, I'd like to get a bird's eye view of the physical or virtual topology, and then zoom in to a particular device and see its connections. I could do it in Visio but I'm hoping to find something automated since manually tracking changes in a lab would be a royal pain. I've researched quite a few products and can't find anything that fits my needs. Does anyone have any suggestions?