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    CCDE Lab Bootcamp for v2.0

    Ahmed Abro

      Does anybody know if there is a bootcamp available before March 2012 (the first test after v2.0 launch).



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          Alex Clark

          My 2cents...

          you are better off saving your money for potentially multiple practical exam attempts. The CCDE practical exam is simply not something you can take a bootcamp for. The skills and thought process is learned through a wide variety of experience, and not something that can be taught within days or weeks rather accumulated over multiple years.

          And with a bootcamp costing $5k, that will pay for 3 attempts and will give you significantly more insight into what is required and where your gaps are. (if any).


          Just some food for thought.

          - Alex

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            Ahmed Abro

            Agree. Also looks like that bootcamp companies are not ready to invest at the moment and they are looking forward for the feedback to the exam.


            There is no Demo 2.0 issued, I wonder if we can have few words from cisco team in terms of new format (if its changed). I expect we have less number of scenarios in 2.0.



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              Carlos Figueroa

              In case you are interested in a bootcamp for 2.0 www.ccbootcamp.com is working toward, I do not know about others at this time.  But adding to Alex comment, you need more than a bootcamp for the lab exam, you need to study a lot of material by your own and understand a lot of technology, then you can fill the gaps with the bootcamp.




              Carlos Figueroa

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                John Tiso



                CCBOOTCAMP is not an authorized Cisco training partner. Therefore, they have no access to Cisco authorized materials of any type such as training or exam materials/questions.



                I know a few guys who took the CCBOOTCAMP for CCDE a few years back, when I was an SE and they did not think the content was completely relevant. This is when the 1.0 content had been around for some time.


                Personally, I would follow the new blueprint. Study, and any areas you feel like self-study is insufficent take a Cisco authorized course.



                So, you are 'at your own' risk taking training from CCBOOTCAMP.







                John Tiso, CCIE #5162, CCDP

                Product Manager - Cisco Services

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                  It's so easy to blast with conjecture, but before you cross us out of your list of possibilities, try contacting us so that we can talk in relevant terms:  numbers.  I'll save that conversation for anyone who is interested in discussing about it in more appropriate settings.  I'm not hard to find, just reach out.  Best of luck to all of you in your pursuits.


                  -Jerry de Jesus

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                    Dan Phoenix

                    I attended a ccde bootcamp for verson 1 of the test. It was ok, but... It was just a guy who passed the test making it up as he went along. We were given no study guides or course materials for 5k a person. Everyday we would get a print out of slides that we had to print. I could go on about how unprofessional the experiance was but i think you get the idea. If your're going to pass the ccde you require years of experiance in design, pre sales, post sales, on the job real world experiance...  AND lots of time to study and fill in the gabs where needed. I had a solid background in voice, routing and switching.. But not much in data center, tunneling, management.. So my scores for my first two attempts were ok but reflected my knowledge. Bottom line, dont waste your money. If you have around 10 years industry experience, a ccie of any flavor, and lots of time to fill in the gaps you should give it a try.

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                      Lauren Child

                      I'd be wary of ascribing too much to the study element and it's dependency on time, particularly for the practical.


                      You don't need lots of time if you have the right level experience, you just need to identify your weak areas and work on those.


                      If you are going to a CCDE bootcamp, make sure you are going for the right reasons.  You are not going to learn 7-10 years of experience in 5 days, but you are going to meet and work with a bunch of folks who are hopefully at a similar level, and explore some areas of the topic that might get you thinking.  What you do with that thinking is entirely up to you.

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                        Lauren, your advice is golden, and your grounded perspective on how ANY instructor-led training should be viewed is on point.


                        Stticking to the facts, the instructor is a CCDE himself as noted earlier, and led a class numbering in the teens to an exam that traditionally has an incredibly difficult ratio of test takers to test passers ranging from 60:1 to reports of as high as 90:1.  The fact that multiple students from that October class because test passers speaks for itself.  That knowledge is available publicly, you don't have to look to hard for it, and I'm not going to violate posting policy by providing the URL link or road map to it.  I commend the instructors for looking at such incendiary posts and taking it all in tongue and cheek, but then again, I'm sure it's counterbalanced by the positive testimonials given by those who did find success through their efforts.


                        It's unfortunate, and we do take it seriously when a student does not have a positive experience.  No one can guarantee success on this exam, but there are those who seek to help you feel comfortable knowing you exhausted every option possible prior to coming to the exam.  Likewise, there are remedies provided for students who aren't successful on first attempt, and they are encouraged to use that option, especially if they aren't giving up after first attempt.

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                          Alex Clark

                          OK Guys... to your corners. lol.


                          A clear way to determine IF the bootcamp is of any substantial benefit is to post the percent passing rate who earned the CCDE on the next attempt from those that took the bootcamp and compare with the percent passing rate from the raw general Cisco CCDE test from Cisco. This is of course if Cisco can publish such a statistical number currently. Then compare with statistical averages from other provider bootcamps.

                          Without that data its just throwing punches and hitting air.  =)


                          I think in general a bootcamp coving the scope of the CCDE exam must take a foot-hold in order for it to be respected by the community. A CCIE bootcamp proved valuable as the concepts were very static; i.e. How OSPF and BGP functioned, inter-worked and the command syntax to match what you wanted the end result of the protocol to be. The CCDE is a far more nebulous exam around how, why and the design thought process for meeting business need. (much like real life I would say). I think for provider bootcamps to be respected in an arena such as that they will have to gain multiple high profile endorsements and provide statistical proof that a candidate is better off with the bootcamp than without. In addition the cost of the bootcamp for a CCIE was somewhat justified (although I could never stomach a $5,000 cost like that) as it typically lead to salaries significantly higher. The same is not true of a CCDE. Individuals looking for the CCDE are already CCIE's typically and I would bet most are multiple CCIE's. The CCDE may promote your career financially, although unless you are driving your own business, that increase in income is yet to be seen or felt within the community. With that said I think a cost adjustment would be in order until the bootcamp is proven in the industry to be beneficial.


                          -- end rant ---

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                            Touche' Alex...


                            Although there are documented cases of CCDEs who don't have a CCIE (and we bow to their excellence when we meet them at events like Cisco Live).  However, my efforts to promote the CCDE program have shown that candidates with experience (and in many cases, a CCIE) in RS and SP are usually the candidates the earn a CCDE.


                            As with any program, time and experience help to enhance it.  Our program did get better as it got older, adding more than just Design/Architecture content, and dwelling into CCIE RS and CCIE SP technological considerations.  The unfortunate experience documented earlier happened while the program was in its infancy, solely relying on the blueprint and the experience of a CCDE:  much like what the success posts and follow up ?'s are looking to do in this post string.


                            Again, all great commentary and suggestions...blueprint 2 is here and we're on hiatus till November, but definitely looking forward to hearing more commentary and gaining more perspective through the words and experiences of everyone who posts here...