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    Campus Network Design




      I am trying to understand the three-tiered campus network design. I know that only big companies use this design, others usually use the collapsed-core. My question is a little bit dumb, where do we put all these things and the way we connect them?


      Say for example, one big bank corporation, got one headquarter, and many other big building and also many small branches. Do we usually put the core switch on a separate data centre or in the headquarter or what? If that's the case (put core in data centre), then isn't the distribution switch that I assume we put in the other big building and small branches will have to be connected to the switch through at least two routers(one from the distribution site, one from the core site) in between, which means the connection is WAN? Am I correct or wrong? Can someone give me a light on this?


      How about the internet, does internet traffic has to go through the core switch before going out? Design can be different for many people, but I am just hoping you can give me what's common.


      Thank you