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    CCDE written




      Currently i'm preparing to take CCDE written and already passed through following books


      1. Routing TCP/IP vol I i II

      2. Designig Content Switching Solutions

      3. Definitive MPLS Network Designs

      4. Designing Network Security 2nd edition

      5. EIGRP Network Design Solutions

      6. GetVPN Design and Implementation Guide

      7. Data Center High Availability Clusters Design Guide

      8. High Availability Campus Network Design— Routed Access Layer using EIGRP or OSPF

      9. MPLS and VPN Architectures

      10. Optimal Routing Design

      11. Cisco SAFE Reference Guide

      12. Comparing, Designing, and Deploying VPNs

      13. Top-Down Network Design 2nd Edition


      Do you think Guys that above book will cover topics on written exam or i missing some other books?


      Thx for replay



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          Lauren Child

          That looks like a quite comprehensive list to me.  There was a pretty good OSPF equivelent to EIGRP Network Design Solutions which may be worth adding.  You may also want to broaden out in switching if that's on the blueprint.


          If you are focusing on the written then you may want to take a peek at some of the CCIE prep books.  Remember it's an equivalent level of understanding that's needed, if not the same hands-on focus / lower level detail, so that's probably a good benchmark.


          Probably the best bet for written prep is to actually take it.  It's not that expensive compared to the books and other preparation materials, and that will give you a flavour for the level, scope and breadth of the exam.  See the areas you were weak on or guessing, or thought "thank [deity] it didnt ask me about that" and hit the books on those.


          If you can get to a test centre relatively easily it's worth a pop just as part of preparation for a "real" attempt.


          Hope that helps!

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            thx for replay


            Yes as additon to those i used


            CCIE self-study guide

            CCIE professional development

            and books for old CCNP and CCDP


            Basically i want to pass it at first time