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Can You Share your work Experience in Networking(Frnds:: Plz Hlp)

Dec 29, 2011 5:35 AM

Biju.P.Nair 16 posts since
Nov 17, 2009

Hello friends

Friend I Completed CCNA CCNP but still unable to find proper networking job. But to crack the interview i need help of the persons like you " have good hand on experience "....

I have an interview for the post of network engineer. See Currently i am working as in a environment there only 2 firwalls and 2 broadband connection and BGP enabled WAN router

This will not satisfy their needs .

Help me on this by sharing  (1.A network Diagram and 2.the configuration . and 3.trouble shooting 4. daily task you will do and other things .

I can Learn the setup so they feel like i was realy having very good experience




Thanking You

  • kamran rafiq 57 posts since
    Mar 27, 2009

    Hey Biju,


    Pls specify what exactly you require and need to understand so that u will walk in proper way..!!





  • Conwyn 7,914 posts since
    Sep 10, 2008

    Hi Biju


    This is what I did today.


    I noticed my MPLS circuit in Hungary was down but automatically recovered with no action by me.

    I wrote a track statement for HSRP to tack the circuit in future. The syntax has changed so I had to read the book.

    I renamed by Cisco Call Manager Express (CME) files on flash from capital letters to lower case and instantly the GUI started working.

    I dialled into a modem in Germany to configure a router.

    I sent an email to China to plan adding two VWIC cards to the router.

    I had a email exchange about a new DSL in Norway.

    I bought an adapter IEC C13 to Schuko Female for my UPS.

    I discussed Video Conference units for my European sites and their IP addresses.

    I sent an email about a SIP trunk between CME and Call Manager.


    Tomorrow will be something different.


    So the Network Engineer job can vary enormously.


    Regards Conwyn

  • Elvin Arias 1,830 posts since
    Mar 12, 2010

    A lot of work for Conwyn compared to me.


    This is what i did today:


    Make a policy routing to send the synchronization traffic of a DC to another DC and Exchange server via a site-to-site VPN through the ASA  to another site (just for database replication).

    Change all the passwords of the network equipment (more than 50 devices, yes not have a RADIUS/TACACS+, yet).

    Monitor some Frame-Relay nodes.

    Change the SNMP community strings of the network devices.

    Send some reports about the network state.

    Send some training requirements to my boss.

    Make some configuration backups of the network devices.


    I had fun today.



  • Conwyn 7,914 posts since
    Sep 10, 2008

    Hi Elvin


    Take it easy it is Christmas time. You need to save yourself for 2012.

    I forgot I sat in on a circuit swap in Denmark but it went well.

    I also produced a list of ADSL circuit cost and  I think I had lunch in the middle of the day.

    Now if the question was what did I do 13-20 December that was a far more interesting week.


    Unfortunately this is always the quiet week.


    Regards Conwyn

  • Elvin Arias 1,830 posts since
    Mar 12, 2010

    Yes, i'll follow your advice, besides as you said these are quiet days, so i'll go with the flow ... thanks and merry Xmas.



  • Conwyn 7,914 posts since
    Sep 10, 2008

    Hi Elvin


    The last I heard 2012 could be Sun Spot year so there might be periods of no networks. Oh well always best to be positive.


    Regards Conwyn

  • Conwyn 7,914 posts since
    Sep 10, 2008

    Hi Biju


    I think there are three types of WAN options.


    VPN over Internet

    Managed Service such as MPLS

    Un Managed Service often Serial PPP or possible Ethernet.

    Potentially ISDN-PRI circuits but that is more Voice.


    The most likely thing is a physical breakage or increased error rates. You can see these from the show controller command. You can also look at the actual hardware for error lights or ask the remote user.


    The next level would be investigating if there is any evidence of change on the router configurations or the firewall.


    MPLS may only have a fix number of routes. You may have exceed these with your latest addition.


    And that is about it for WAN problems. Circuit utilisation can be inspected and Netflow data examined.


    I hope that helps.


    Regards Conwyn

  • BIGEVIL 347 posts since
    Jun 28, 2008

    No one can show or tell you about experience - it is something you have to do for yourself.  Not to blow smoke up Conwyn's rear - but you would not have the knowledge and experience to achieve what he did/does. Big yourself up at an interview and you will be setting yourself up for a fall in the very near future.


    I understand your fustration Biju - getting into a role which makes you think and puts your hard earn skills to use everyday is hard. You have one (the certs) but not the other (skills/experience) - i too have been there.


    My advise - do not shoot to high. Apply for roles you can do - and if people ask you why a CCNP is applying for CCNA roles or 1st line NOC etc. Be truthful and say you want to gain the experience/skills to go with your certs. Someone will feel/see your passion and desire and see that you have come all this way on your own merit. You will like a diamond in the rough, an unpolished stone and with a little help and a foot in the door be a great, loyal employee.


    Stay focused and things will work out -





  • kamran rafiq 57 posts since
    Mar 27, 2009

    Here is the network topology. Plshave a


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