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    Finished with ICND2 :)


      Hello All,


      I just finished my ICND2 today and got through ...Exam was great and I was answering questions smoothly but suddenly I saw that there were only 15 min left and I had to get through from 30 to 43 !! and I had like 3 sim questions(which are awesome fun otherwise) in those 13!! I have never in my life concentrated so hard as I did in these 15 min. I am pretty sure that a complaint will be filed regarding my erratic bashing of the keyboard during this time!!


      I missed 2 questions in the end. I felt so bad that I could not attempt those last two, only for the fact that Cisco had made such a beautiful set of questions for me and I could not respect/honour it completely.


      Anybody who really cares about learning this stuff prepares so well for the exam but in the end, it is how you channel this knowledge to answer the questions in the stipulated time is what counts as far as the certification is concerned.


      I wanted to share a few general things that I might have done wrong myself in a few places and it gave me a real hard time at the end. Hope that this might help somebody save those extra 5-10 min.



      My small piece of advice to anyone aspiring for CCNA/ ICND1/ ICND2 -



      We have a lot of information about everything when we go to the exam but we need to know what exactly does 'the question' want to know from you..Be sure what of what the options are before you start working!! This will ensure that you are working in the right direction to get to the answer wrt the options and not wasting time when it was not needed.



      Also, when you see a theory-based question, there are only 2 options - either you know the answer or you don't know it. There is no fuzzy logic here.


      Usually ,there will be times where you might have to take a chance and see if luck favours! So take that chance on questions that you really dont know what answer is for sure.


      So if you don't know, set a deadline (say no more than 2min on this) and think hard about whatever you know about the topic; once that deadline is past, pick the best choice that you think is right, pray for a sec and move ahead!!  If you try and research on it, it will make you pay dearly at the end for all the stuff you did actually know well but could not get to at all.




      Do keep track of time. If you drag it right to the end like I did, does not matter even if you have the thinking capability of Sir Albert Einstien, your eyes are more focussed on the ticking clock and this will overcome your power of reasoning, even for simple problems like subnetting.




      Whatever the situation may be, enjoy the exam and make it a memorable experience. I feel lucky to have been given this opportunity to actually take such a well-framed certification. There is a long, long way ahead for me to go now but CCNA is the first step towards gaining some fundamental knowledge about how things actually work and there is sense of achievement that you could pass as per Cisco standards.



      Most importantly, I would like to thank everybody who has been answering my questions and replying on threads. I have had a lot to learn from the wisdom people share here.



      It is an amazing feeling to get through both the exams of CCNA finally after an year of hard-work.I have learnt a few important things from my mistakes and will try to work on them for the upcoming exams.



      All the best to everyone.