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    Busy signal when calling from BR2 to BR1


      i tried to make a call from my BR2 to my BR1 but i am getting a busy signal. i did a debug gatekeeper main 5. see result below. i need help how to troubleshoot this i don't understand why the tech prefix or zone prefix failed. To my understanding i don't see anything wrong with the prefix. BR1 is an H.323 gateway and HQ is a MGCP gateway.


      below are my config:


      BR2 Config:


      interface Loopback0

      ip address

      ip ospf network point-to-point

      h323-gateway voip interface

      h323-gateway voip id BR2 ipaddr 1719

      h323-gateway voip h323-id UK

      h323-gateway voip bind srcaddr


      voice translation-rule 1

      rule 2 /^9001301301\(....$\)/ /\1/



      voice translation-profile BR2out

      translate calling 1


      voice-port 0/1/0:15

      translation-profile outgoing BR2out


      dial-peer voice 9003 voip

      translation-profile outgoing BR2out

      destination-pattern 90013013013...

      session target ras

      dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric




      HQ Gatekeeper config:



      zone local GK cisco.com

      zone local CUCM cisco.com

      zone local BR2 cisco.com

      zone prefix CUCM 2...

      zone prefix CUCM 3...

      zone prefix BR2 4...

      gw-type-prefix 1#* default-technology

      no shutdown





      Call manager Config:


      Gatekeeper Information

      Required Field
      Required Field




      HQ-RTR#debug gatekeeper main 5

      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_rassrv_arq: arqp=0x49308D98,crv=0x27, answerCall=0

      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //310E2CB1807C/310E2CB1807E/GK/gk_dns_query: No Name servers

      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //310E2CB1807C/310E2CB1807E/GK/rassrv_get_addrinfo: (90013013013001) Tech-prefix match failed.

      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //310E2CB1807C/310E2CB1807E/GK/rassrv_get_addrinfo: (90013013013001) unresolved zone prefix, using source zone BR2

      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //310E2CB1807C/310E2CB1807E/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: about to check the source side, src_zonep=0x49BE0020


      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //310E2CB1807C/310E2CB1807E/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: matched zone is BR2, and z_invianamelen=0

      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //310E2CB1807C/310E2CB1807E/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: about to check the destination side, dst_zonep=0x49BE0020

      Dec 21 00:47:36.684: //310E2CB1807C/310E2CB1807E/GK/rassrv_arq_select_viazone: matched zone is BR2, and z_outvianamelen=0

      Dec 21 00:47:36.828: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_rassrv_arq: arqp=0x49308D98,crv=0x8027, answerCall=1

      Dec 21 00:47:37.036: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_rassrv_arq: arqp=0x47A0A5CC,crv=0x8028, answerCall=1

      Dec 21 00:47:37.064: //xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxx/GK/gk_process: got a TIMER event